Terms & Conditions

Cemetery Installation Fees and Regulations:
The prices listed on myfrenchmonument.com do not include the price for the foundation. This price is dictated, at least in part, by each individual cemetery. You will need to consult with us prior to finalizing the contract.

Natural Materials

Granite is a natural material. Your monument would be hewn from a quarry, cut to size and shape, polished, sandblasted and / or etched. These reasons alone allow for many variations in the color of the monument. Also, the settings on your individual electronic device that you are viewing now may skew the color to some degree. Before coming to the final conclusion of the color of granite you wish to choose please speak to us so we may show you granite samples that will give you a better understanding of what you are selecting.
Further, French Monuments offers many other granite options that are not listed on this website. Please feel free to contact us for additional options.


French Monument is a small business. As with many small business’ we require cash to operate. With this in mind we do require payment in full prior to placing an order.


You may cancel at any time prior to the creation (not setting) of the monument. Please check with us as soon as possible to cancel your order.


In addition to the terms listed, each monument sale has its own agreed contractual terms and conditions. Each aspect of the sale of a monument will be spelled out in the contract. Aspects may include but are not limited to design, size, color, lettering, freight, delivery and installation. In each contract French Monuments has reserved the right to use photos of the monument in any manner desired.

Sales Tax

Indiana sales tax is applicable on every sale and will be applied to the final bill.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will French Monuments be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or any other class of damages in connection with your use or attempted use of this web site.


Prices on our website are believed correct on the date published. We reserve the right to change these prices without notice. For final cost of the monument (i.e. Lettering, granite, delivery, foundation, etc.) please consult with us as there are many variables with each order.


If any portion of this information is found unenforceable, it shall be considered stricken and the remaining information shall be interpreted as though the unenforceable information was not there.

Delivery and/or Setting

Delivery and setting of the monument depends on, amongst other issues, the kind of granite chosen, where the granite is quarried from, the ability to enter the cemetery due to weather, the design of the monument chosen and the cemetery rules. Generally speaking, creation and setting of the monument will be accomplished within 8 months and often between 2 – 6 months. Please contact us to get a better idea of when your monument will be set.